Life is most fun when you challenge, risk and grow. After finishing a post-graduate design program  at Shillington College in London, I've made it my goal to do just that. Following my passion (the work), I've roamed around the world to grow my skillset, challenge my capabilities and make lots of new friends. I approach each new project with curiosity, enthusiasm and an "anything is possible" mindset. My passion in design is working with brands to craft a meaningful identity that is simple enough to be memorable and versatile enough to grow with you!


I've recently returned to Atlanta after my second year working with the Sundance Film Festival as an environmental graphic designer. When I'm not out west, I tend to call Atlanta home, though I've moved a lot for work! I spent a year in New York beginning with a creative placement at J. Walter Thompson, helping craft campaigns concepts for clients like Cottonelle, Listerine and Wild Turkey, and was also part of a team that won new business from Ancestry.com. I have partnered with Feral NYC and jumped in with AT&T to help refine a company wide rebranding project. In Atlanta I've had the pleasure of freelancing with Carter's, House of Current and Iris as a freelance art director and designer. I'd love to partner with you in your next design endeavor. 


I'm fluent in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and XD with blossoming skills in After Effects. I am also proficient in Sketch and Invision as well as Keynote, Powerpoint, Google Slides and sarcasm.