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Brand Identity Design

For nearly 20 years, Pro4All, a Netherlands based construction project management company, has literally helped build the landscape of their country. With four web-based platforms--DocStream, SnagStream, LeanStream and BimStream--they had created systems that provided unique and specific services to each sector of the construction industry. But it was time for a change. 

Combining their four streams into one super-platform, they needed to not only re-brand, but also rename the product. Enter Prostream. From naming, to colors, type and brand systems, we completely re-imagined their identity and set them apart from every competitor in their industry. 

Office mockup_Posters.png

To begin, we helped determine the company's core commitments, among which were build trust, streamline the process, and create moments of joy for the consumer. The elements of playfulness and flow became particularly important. After a thorough examination of our primary competitors, we leaned into these concepts to develop our primary icon, or what we call the flow mark. 

This mark not only underscores the fluidity we strive to bring to the process of project management, but also the fun. Through the highs and lows of each new undertaking, we will be there to guide you each step of the way.  Our dotted line begins to lay out the path, and as you follow us you'll see we also help you fill in the blanks.

Off the bat, the brand started breathing new life. From a rigid and impersonal wordmark, to a bold and meaningful icon we slowly began unfolding the layers of this strategic new personality.

Logo PNG.png
Asset 29.png
Iphone Mockup See thru.png
Tshirt Mockup_ProStream.png

Expanding our brand language with the icon as our starting point, we developed specific shapes for each of our eight core ideals, building the shapes to exist both as self-contained and expanded versions for maximum use across any print or digital platform. 

Desktop_Mockup copy.png
Bus Shelter.png
Wild posting mockup.png
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