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Social Content

Joy,  a financial services app for women, came to us to help reposition their social content and identity. We were tasked with curating both original photography and branded content for their social feed that connected with the 25-40 y/o young woman.


When we realized that many of the slang words for money had to do with food, we decided to create a delectable photo series...because honestly who wants to read quotes about money on Instagram? Not us. 

food photography moder fun femenine watermelon

In addition to original photography, Joy wanted us to create social posts across 8-10 unique categories for their Instagram feed, providing variety across the feed while also maintaining the brand voice and campaign tone. 

social media femenine modern joy money glossier pink
social media content modern femenine glossier pink
Brand guideline Joy femenine
app branding colorful femenine
app design femenine
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