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Downtown at the Gardens

House of Current

Downtown at the Gardens is a newly reimagined mixed use real estate establishment on the Florida's sunny southeast coast. With beautiful views and elite, renovated store fronts, Downtown at the Gardens turned to House of Current to captivate new business to round out their commercial offerings. With so much natural beauty to draw people to the area, we felt it was like living a built in vacation. So why should their leasing packet be any less captivating? Drawing inspiration from the sunny and coastal hues, we decided to create a "Vacation in a Box," that DATG could provide any potential clients interested in learning more about the beautiful new space that could be their future home, while at the same time, throwing in a few new pieces to add to their existing one.


Nothing says "vacation" like a new luggage tag, so as a special welcome, we created a branded tag (enclosing our business card of course), to welcome potential clients on their newest endeavor. 

Our custom invitation draws clients in to the idea of their own perfect paradise at Downtown at the Gardens.

No vacation is complete without a postcard, so we designed six custom post-cards with leasing information printed on the back in a slick, 6-panel, perforated leasing brochure. 

DATG_Mockup_Brochure3 copy.jpg

Of course, everyone wants to see what the space will actually look like, so we created a custom, die-cut, pouch to contain renderings showcasing Downtown's latest architectural images. But since no one is likely to hang a rendering on their wall, we also turned the back into 11x17 posters, again providing our future residents with tactile touchpoints to drive them to make the decision to lease with us.


No leasing packet would be complete without a map of the surrounding area, but ours had yet another beautiful twist. We commissioned a local artist to create the final piece for our vacation box, and printed it on a souvenir flag so our future clients could see that we not only pay attention to detail, we add style to it.

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