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The Royal Mail

Letters Saved My Life-Student Brief

Tasked to find a “dying” organization and create a campaign to bring them front of mind with a younger audience, I selected the British Royal Mail. The solution? A campaign called Letters Saved My Life. This modern, letter writing initiative focused on connecting two strangers to exchange encouragement and life advice through letters. No texting allowed, just honest, written words.

graphic design modern fun colorful poster
graphic design modern fun colorful poster gif


Users can then sign up for the program via the app from which they will be sent a custom stationary kit and a unique identifier code which will allow their letters to reach their assigned partner without having to share address information.


A unique QR code embeded in the four corners of each poster would allow users with the Letters Saved My Life app to scan posters they pass to unlock letters hidden inside. As the audio plays the phone screen would display unique animation on each poster.

graphic design modern fun colorful poster stationary personal brandin


Once the letters are written they can be dropped in any branded Royal Mail drop spot for free postage as long as they choose to participate in the movement.

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